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Rakuwa X50 Necklace (Black)

$89.90 NZD

Simply by wearing these products, your body can feel relaxed and refreshed. Our necklaces are an indispensable item for relieving stress and fatigue in our modern lives.

The wide variety of colors and designs brings an element of fun, and is just one of the many reasons for their popularity.

In all aspects of life – from everyday activities to athletics – our products can help maximize your potential energy and strength. This is why so many top athletes use Phiten products.

The strands of the revolutionary Rakuwa X50 Titanium Necklace are permeated with Phiten's Aquatitan, a water soluable form of titanium, thanks to the unique technology by Phild. Aquatitan is permeated into this product in 50 times the concentration of normal permeation. The necklace core has Micro-Sized Titanium Balls and Carbonized Titanium for maximum effect.

The necklace can help relieve tension, pain and fatigue in the shoulders, neck and the upper body and also supports general wellbeing.

Rakuwa X50 Necklace (Black)

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