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Phiten Supporter Knee Soft Type (Black or Beige)

$69.90 NZD
Size is circumference measure around kneecap

In addition to being a high quality support, the Phiten support contains Aqua-Titanium to help ease tension and relieve muscular and joint pain in the knees.

The SP (special crochet) construction using high function fibres, including FIR (Far Infrared) Ceramic, provides:
  • FIR ceramic to convert the body's natural heat into soothing infrared rays.
  • Aqua metal fibre permeated with Aqua Titan to help bring knee and surrounding muscles into a natural state of balance.
  • A soft touch feel.
  • Is moisture absorbing and quick drying.
  • Kneecap stabilisation.
  • Special crochet to prevent uncomfortable slippage.
The supports are approx 25cm in length and now come in three sizes, S-M ; L-LL and 3L
  • S-M is suitable for sizes 30cm to 42cm (measured around knee cap).
  • L-LL is suitable for sizes 36cm to 48cm (measured around knee cap).
  • 3L is suitable for sizes 42cm to 54cm (measured around knee cap)

Phiten Supporter Knee Soft Type (Black or Beige)

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