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Leg Recovery Compression Sleeve

$99.90 NZD

This product is ideal if you:
  • Have weakened muscles in calf and foot or prone to fatigue or swelling
  • Have to stand or walk all day
  • Are sitting or lying in same position for long time, eg long distance flight or drive or bedridden
  • Want fast recovery after long distance running, walking or tramping.
Phased compression supports leg pumping effect, which promotes fluid circulation and helps to quickly remove fatigue.
The area along tibia fits just like tape and relaxes muscles used in walking or running. Vertical line of plantar arch can be covered.
Fluid circulation is promoted by our technology, AQUA TITAN + AQUA PALLADIUM.
Quick recovery from fatigue can be expected.
Relatively weak compression by which we can use during sleep. (Calf area: 10hPa, Ankle area: 17hPa)

The material is thinner in places than traditional socks so take care to roll on when putting on and avoid pulling from top

Leg Recovery Compression Sleeve

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