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METAX Massage Ball (2pcs)

$69.90 NZD

Each package contains two massage balls. Download information and suggested applications Phiten-METAX-Massage-Balls

Silicone material gives the perfect firmness for comfortable stimulation. Recommended to use with Phiten  Metax Lotion or Phiten Metax cream
Polyhedron shape makes it easy to fit snug into the body's enclaves, allowing it to be used for anywhere on the body.  Small and lightweight size makes it easy to take to business trip and/or vacation trips. Massage your body with Metax Massage Ball anytime, anywhere! 

1: 82 Tetrahedral design: Easy to fit into the body’s small gaps, with the balls polyhedral design.
Soft material for good stimulation: Made with silicone material, which has the perfect firmness. Softer than a golf ball, yet harder than a tennis ball, the Metax Massage Ball gives good stimulation to the body.
Compact and light: Fits perfectly in the palm of the hands, making it easy to take to business trips or on vacation trips. Do self massages anytime, anywhere.
Adjustable to your desire: Easy to adjust the strength of the stimulants, whether hard or soft! Adjust the strength, based on your body’s needs.
Size (Diameter): 4.3 cm)
Color: Blue
Material: Silicone 
Technology: METAX Technology 
Made in Japan 

METAX Massage Ball (2pcs)

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