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METAX Surgical Mask - Box 50

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Non-woven cloth with high cost performance, High spec. function, Specifications for excellent usability, Phiten METAX Technology included.

1) High performance non-woven cloth
2) Pleated Structure
3) Soft String
4) METAX printed on PHITEN Logo

Body: Polypropylene Filter: Polypropylene Ear string:Polyester, Cotton, Polyurethane Nose fitter: Polyethylene

Cautions Mentioned on Packaging
> Use the product only on the intended purpose.
> The nose wire is attached to the top of the mask so use carefully.
> Avoid using near fire.
> If itching or rash occur, stop using it immediately and seek advice
> If you feel uncomfortable by using the product, stop using it immediately and seek advice
> Be careful when driving as the glasses may be fogged.
> Do not use the product while sleeping.
> This product is a consumable item. It cannot be reused after washing.
> Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity, keep away from infants.
> With proper use, it reduces invasion and spreading of "virus splash", "pollen", "sand dust", and "dust". However, it does not eliminate the risk of disease from infection.
> It cannot be used in places where harmful dust or gas is generated, or for the purpose of preventing them.

The Duke study found the medical n95 mask to be the most effective. (Emma Fischer, Duke University)
Science Advances  07 Aug 2020:
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abd3083
Unsurprisingly, the fitted N95, or the “3M 1860 Surgical Mask and Particulate Respirator,” that has been used by healthcare professionals for years performed the most effectively at reducing transmission of droplets.
The disposable surgical mask also performed well, ranking as the second-best at reducing spread, ranging from zero to 0.1 in terms of particles spread.
After that, the three-layered mask made of synthetic material polypropylene, laid in between two layers of cotton, and the two-layered mask of synthetic material ranked as the next two best.

METAX Surgical Mask - Box 50

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