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Rakuwa Magnetic Titanium Necklace S-II

$99.90 NZD

Fashionable yet sporty necklace combining AQUA TITANIUM Technology and four uniformly arranged magnets, with a strength of 130 Millitesla each, that sparkle like diamonds.

Designed to be worn fashionably with other jewellry on the top of the V shape.

Help improve the stiff sore neck and shoulders with magnetic power! Four powerful magnets placed around the neck to help relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders and help improve blood circulation to relieve and prevent muscle stiffening and tension.
Possible applications
  • Tension and muscle stiffness in the neck or shoulder.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Relaxing the muscles during work or exercise.
If the back and neck muscles are continuously exposed to stress, tension or bad posture - for example from looking at screens or driving - muscles can become stiff and sore, which in turn restricts blood circulation.  Prolonged exposure can lead to muscle stiffness resulting in restricted movement and neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches.

In Japan, the necklace has been registered successfully as a controlled medical device and recommended to relax neck and shoulder muscles due to its combination with the 4 magnets. 

Technology and Material

  • 4 magnets, 130 millitesla each
  • Elastic silicone elastomer
  • Clasp made of Polycarbonate


45cm, 55cm


Black x Black, White x Clear (Available)
Pink x Clear, Yellow x Clear, Blue x Clear (On request)
Safety Caution
* Do not use necklace if you have the following because it may cause the equipment to malfunction.

  • Those who use implantable medical electrical devices that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference such as pacemakers
  • Medical electrical devices that may be magnetically affected, such as variable pressure shunts for cerebrospinal fluid short circuit surgery. 

* If you are receiving medical treatment, please consult with your doctor before using this product.

Rakuwa Magnetic Titanium Necklace S-II

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