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Titan Ban Tape Discs + Titanium Balls

$43.90 NZD

These small adhesive patches containing carbonized Titanium can be used specifically on areas where you feel stiff or tense. The non-elastic, breathable and waterproof material is specially selected to provide exceptional comfort. Additionally a small Titan Ball is attached to target the area of stiffness or discomfort.

This unnoticeable tape is perfect for application to the neck and other joints which experience a lot of movement.

Simply apply the tape on the necessary area, pinpointing the specific area of tension with the Titan ball. Apply to clean, dry skin. Recommended duration 3-5 days.

Total 30pcs (10pcs x 1 sheet with Titan Ball / 10pcs x 2 sheets for replacement)
You can use the Titan Ball as many times as you want by simply replacing the power tape over it.

Caution: Do not apply where you have cut / broken/ soft / sensitive skin. If you have any skin allergies, we recommend you test the patches out before using them. If you develop a rash or itchy skin please stop using and consult your GP.

Keep the Titan Ball away from children.

Titan Ban Tape Discs + Titanium Balls

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